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Blog Post 28/01/24


It's been a busy month. I've now completed the main recording sessions for Rachel Robert's three tracks - Butterfly, Skin and Bones and Blue T-shirt, and am in the process of booking in some overdub sessions to track guitars and vocals.


For the Rachel project I decided to do Drums and Bass for all three tracks in the first sessions, then time-align the tracks ahead of the overdub sessions. The idea behind this is that all overdubs will be performed against a rock solid drum and bass track and will therefor hopefully be tighter overall.


I'm trying to source some Instagram content through these sessions, though I'm finding it hard to remember to video content when I'm on a time-crunch. This is something I'll try my best to work on over the next sessions.



Blog Post 14.02.24


I've now completed the overdub sessions for Rachel Roberts, though I've had to push back mixing and editing a little as I have had a busy fortnight of recording


I've recorded two sessions for Scott Feeney working as part of a 4-man engineer team. I've now taken responsibility of mixing one of the two tracks. There are some areas in which further overdubs would be beneficial, though Scott's availability is a limiting factor in this and so these overdubs will potentially take place down the line.


I've recorded Cloaks 'About a Friend's first of two sessions. This was a fun one, where I was able to go full on with acoustic guitar and drum kit micing, as well as utilising Neural DSP quad cortex Amp simulation. I'm looking forward to finishing it up.


A drum tracking session for artist 'Blackcats', containing 9 drum tracks, was needing time aligned and mixed, and so I worked through two of the tracks. It proved more time-consuming that hoped.




Blog Post 28.02.24


This past fortnight was once again busy.


I've been putting aside a fair amount of time on website development, finalising the layout and information to be updated later on. I'm working with a graphic designer friend of mine who's doing me a favour and creating an updated logo and colour scheme ahead of my rebranding.


I finished the second recording session with Cloaks, and started on the mix. It's sounding fantastic so far, so I'm really chuffed with that!


I also began mixing all three of Rachel Robert's tracks, prioritising Blue T-Shirt first. I've been having some problems with the guitar tone in the mixing stage, so I checked with the recording lecturer for some advice, and then finished and sent her over a mix. Same situation for Skin and Bones.


Scott Feeney was asking for a 'quick mix' of his track for a submission deadline, so I managed to squeeze this in.




Blog Post 13.03


Rachel got back to me with some feedback on the first two tracks, and agreed with my comments about the guitar. With her permission, I learned the parts myself and overdubbed some double tracks on my G&L Stratocaster. Blended with the originals it sounds much better, and Rachel was happy with the revisions. She was very happy with Skin and Bones, and only required one or two simple tweaks.


I continued mixing Butterfly for her as well.


Cloaks 'About a Friend' is sounding great, I gave them a first mix on the 6th March. They got back to me soon after with some simple tweaks for me to work on over the week.


I also finished up a proper mix and master for Scott Feeney, which he was really happy with.




Blog Post 26.03.24


Cloaks changes were straightforward so I've given them a final package ahead of them sending it to an external mastering engineer. This included a PA mix and MP3 alongside the pre-master WAV.


I've now finished all three of Rachels tracks, and I mastered them all against one another. I experimented with chaining limiters to lower their individual workload, and got nice results.


I've also started working on my final presentation, creating a rough template to be filled in over the coming month. I also revised website content again.




Blog Post 15.04.24


The college course was off for the Easter holidays for the first two weeks of April, though I still had an eventful fortnight.


I assisted a classmate in recording a live session in the Glasgow student union, and got great results. I mixed this for him too, and he was pleased.


We also ran a studio session for his friend from ireland, capturing a live-studio recording in Riverside Studio 2. I began to mix this too.


Another classmate wanted help recording an audio book, so I arranged for the dry-hire of GloWorm Studios in Glasgow, and we recorded this together, as well as a piano loop pack with the extra time available.


I used this time to post some good quality instagram posts, promoting my services.


I was also able to record myself playing a drum loop and sample pack in RMC studio two, with the help of a classmate. This was great fun, and allowed me to experiment with mic techniques.




Blog Post 30.4.24


I was away to Barcelona on holiday for a week in the middle of this last fortnight, so not too much to update.


I've been working on my presentation, revising my CV and getting ready for the final submission.


I started mixing my drum sample pack, which is sounding really cool with the Glyn Johns overhead technique

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