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I currently work out of GloWorm Recording's Studio 2 in Glasgow City Centre, and mix and master from my home studio.


Flea 47 Vintage (U47)

Flea 49 Vintage (M49) x 2

Heisermann H47 fet (U47 fet) x 2

Heiserman Type-19 x4

Neumann Km86 (vintage multi-pattern version of Km84)

Schoeps CMC6 MK4 stereo pair

Schoeps CMC5 MK4 stereo pair

Soyuz 013 stereo pair x2

Oktava MK012 stereo pair with cardioid & omni capsules 

Townsend Labs Sphere L22 Mono/Stereo Modelling Microphone

Rode K2 with Mullard tube

Rode NT2

Coles 4038 x 2

AEA R44CE x 2

AEA R88 Stereo Microphone


Stager SR3

Royer 121

Beyer M130

Beyer M160

Heil PR40

Electrovoice RE20

Sennheisser MD421 x 4 (3 Vintage, 1 modern)

Shure SM7b x2

Shure SM57 x 5

Shure SM58 x 2

Shure Beta 52

Placid Audio Copperphone

Yamaha Subkick

Solomon Lo-Freq


Mac Pro ‘Trashcan’ 3.6Ghz 6 Core with Pro-Tools HD Native System

Burl B80 Mothership with 8 Channel ADC Card

Burl B2 Bomber ADC

Avid HDIO – 16 ins & 16 outs


SSL Nucleus

Barefoot MM45 monitors

Heritage Audio BT500 streaming device


Daneman upright piano.

Various Drum Kits and Cymbals.

Various Keyboards and MIDI controllers.

Flynn 5e3 (Tweed Deluxe) amplifier.

Ashdown Peacemaker 50 all valve head (Dave Green build, aka ‘Matamp’) with NOS Mullard upgrade.

Trace Elliot Elf Bass Amplifier.

Various Electric Guitars and Basses.

Various Guitar Pedals.


AML 1073 x 8

AEA RPQ 2 x 2

SSL Superanalogue x 2

Various other pre-amplifiers available for extended input range.


Empirical Labs El8x Distressors x2

Mohog 76 x 2 

Kush Audio Tweakers x 2

Warm Audio WA-2A

SSL X-Rack with 4 x XR618 Dynamics


API 500VPR Rack:

6 x Kush Audio Electra EQs

SSL X-Rack:

2 x XR625 & 2 x XR425 EQs

Elysia X-Filter

SOUND WAVE RED_edited.png
SOUND WAVEE_edited.png
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